Our Work

We work with clients who live in messy, complex and ambiguous environments. They face uncertainty more than stability; patterns of action both novel and recurrent; and a pace of change that is an accelerating race. Expert solutions don’t work here. Their world is not static and today’s answers are out of sync with the emerging tomorrow. To succeed they need the capacity to discern in real time what is happening and what it means. They need to rapidly adapt through meaningful growth. They need to work with the inherent characteristics of human systems.

F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG

Healthcare is going through a period of unprecedented change across both the public and the private sectors. No single organisation has the skills, knowledge and expertise to shape the future. We worked with Roche to develop a methodology and approach to support a high trust investment in innovation and collaboration between the public and private sectors.


Working with the leader of the Business Critical Server Division, the charge was to generate a cohesive leadership team post-mergers and acquisitions, and support the development of a comprehensive strategy for growth. We collaborated with the leaders of strategy, marketing and technology, and people across the organization, resulting in a winning strategy that led to HP leadership in this cutting edge business.

Johnson & Johnson Medical

For Johnson & Johnson Medical this meant looking at the totality of their European Logistics operation and exploring the interplay between the physical system (warehouses, manufacturing plant, trucks), the IT system and the human system. By surfacing an awareness of how these systems worked together they were able to drastically reduce inventory and were named ‘Logistics Company of the Year’, unheard for an in-house function.

Louisiana Public Health Institute

Operating in a post-Katrina and post-BP Oil Spill environment, LPHI was at a turning point in its history. With a mandate to strengthen and expand public health accessibility and quality throughout the US Gulf States, the organization needed to evolve from its entrepreneurial roots and become more strategic, integrating a fragmented system from health systems to the social determinants of health. The work involved broad engagement of employees and partner organizations in developing a comprehensive, holistic strategy, along with the culture that could deliver it.

NHS Health Innovation Network, South London

The HIN, charged with developing an effective approach to improving patient safety, worked with us in developing pan-London Communities of Practice. The CoP network includes people of all levels, professions and organizations across South London. It is a network of passionate learners improving patient safety practices in a social environment that encourages experimentation while realizing a shared sense of what works, what doesn’t and why.

Total Place

In 2010 the UK Government faced a drastic reduction in budget across a fragmented network of operations against a background of rising customer demand for quality and service. Our design was the largest living system intervention ever attempted and led to a radical rethink in the nature of the relationship between government and people. Called Total Place, even after two General Elections it is an increasing influence on how the UK Government serves its citizens.


With a pedigree of technology leadership in it’s history, but with its market influence fading, we supported the President of the technology division in developing a new leadership and organization culture through the gateway of building an innovative growth strategy. The process involved multi-level and multi-functional teams inquiring into critical strategic questions. The process brought to bear the intelligence and expertise throughout Unisys on integrating a fragmented organization and setting a course for a return to growth.


The former energy leader Unocal had generated significant errors in its deep-water oil exploration teams, resulting in sizable financial losses during a time of severe market volatility. Simultaneously, the organization was dealing with the consequences of wrong-footed ethical choices in communities in which it operated around the world. Our work integrated leadership team development, strategy development on a global scale, and collective review of practices and disciplines that turned the organization around, re-establishing itself as an exploration leader, and resulting in its profitable sale.