About us

Phillips Kay Partnership brings together three people with extensive experience of working in Global Organisations, Government and Health Systems. We have designed and led significant, innovative and comprehensive change across the world to develop new approaches to strategic and social challenges.

John Atkinson

John Atkinson works with large organisations facing periods of major change. He’s done this with governments and global corporations. As such he has learned to be a realist whilst retaining a belief and enthusiasm for making something really brilliant happen in the world. 

With a quarter of a century of experience he’s always happy to share thinking and explore, recognising that it is in the relationships between people that things happen. John also knows that big change is disturbing, at times painful. You have to feel your way through such processes if you don’t want everything to come unstuck whilst at the same time holding your nerve. Being able to distinguish what things are working and what doesn’t is an acquired art at the heart of making change really work. 

John has been one of the leading practitioners in public service leadership development in England. He has designed and led a wide range of leadership interventions at national and local level. Most notable of these were Total Place and the Leeds Castle Leadership Programme for Elected Mayors/Leaders and Chief Executives. He also leads the ‘Systems leadership –Local Vision’ programme tackling a wide range of deep social issues in over 60 places nationwide. This includes support to Integrated Health and Social Care Pioneers and Vanguards.

He has been involved in the development of political leadership. At the Leadership Centre for Local Government he sponsored ground-breaking work in developing leadership within party political settings. In 2010 he was involved in work to establish better links between Conservative local government leaders and the then shadow cabinet. This gave him a unique insight into the unfolding policy of the coalition government and the implications of its localizing agenda.

John’s background has been in leadership development as a means of driving organisational change for well over two decades. Current commercial clients include Alibaba, the Chinese online marketplace that provided the world’s largest technology IPO, and Zurich Insurance. This multi-national element to his work provides new and unique insight into how large human systems work.

His experience across the public sector also includes working with Police Forces to improve responsiveness to emergency calls and with CCGs, acute, primary and mental health trusts in the NHS. His extensive experience of leadership development in the private sector has included designing and leading work with a number of blue chip companies including Asda, IBM, British Gas, nPower, Cummins Engine, RBS, HBOS and Johnson & Johnson Medical.

 John has worked with a number of the world’s leading thinkers on ‘whole system’ leadership including Margaret Wheatley, Peter Block, Myron Rogers, Adam Kahane and Dick Axelrod. His appointments have included Managing Director of the Leadership Centre for Local Government, Director in KPMG’s local government practice and officer commanding the Royal Artillery leadership wing. He was a commissioner on the Warwick Commission on elected mayors, has spoken on leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and is a regular contributor on the topic in the sector press and on national platforms.

Jeni Bremner

Jeni Bremner works across the European Region supporting innovation in health and social care. She works with large and small organisations across the public and private sectors in health management education, health care, research and policy. She loves working across boundaries, be they geographical, professional or organisational and sees the energy that these exchanges can generate to improve services. A key interest is enabling systems to talk to each other and to learn from each other, to organize and work together to serve people well. At the heart of her work is a fundamental belief in the power of relationship to create change.

Myron Rogers

Myron Rogers is a U.S. and U.K. based consultant with a broad range of experience in leading large, whole-systems transformations. Over three decades, his work has covered multiple sectors in dozens of countries, including strategy development in the high technology sector; community-based primary health care in the U.S. and U.K.; leadership and organization development in the energy sector; community development in Venezuela; and reconciliation processes in Indonesia, and many multinational corporate engagements.

He is known as a pioneer in the application of systems theory to the practical needs of today’s complex issues and organizations, and his work has influenced people around the world who are taking more holistic, systemic approaches to complex dilemmas, and who are working to engage the intelligence of the whole system in changing itself. Myron is the co-author of the award-winning and best-selling A Simpler Way (Berrett-Koehler). He’s been named a Global Thought Leader by the Peter Drucker Foundation and the Fetzer Institute.

He co-authored the best selling A Simpler Way (Berrett-Koehler, 1996, 2002, 2010) with Margaret J. Wheatley. His work has appeared in many edited books, and he authored or co-authored numerous articles in scholarly and trade publications. He consults through the USA-based consulting firm Co-Here LLC, and the UK-based Phillips Kay Partnership, LLP. Myron is co-founder and partner in both firms.

As a skilled translator of living system theory, Myron has been engaged in the leadership, design and delivery of large-scale strategic change efforts in the private and public sectors throughout the world. His work has covered a broad range of organizations and issues--from battlefield learning with the U.S. Army, to community health development in the U.S.; from post-Apartheid business development in South Africa to community development in Venezuela; from leadership development for NHS England to global strategy for Unysis. His clients have included leaders and leading firms in the technology, energy, manufacturing and health care sectors, as well as expansive work in the non-profit and governmental sectors. Whether in the global corporate or local community environment, Myron’s work is high-involvement, broad-participation, whole systems engagement.

For many years, Myron led popular public seminars on self-organizing systems in the U.S., U.K., South Africa and Australia with Fritjof Capra and Margaret Wheatley, as well as public dialogues seeking insight into the new organizational forms and leadership required for the future, through the Berkana Institute, which he co-founded in 1991. In addition to his consulting practice, he has been a founder or co-convener of a series of critical international public dialogues on topics ranging from intellectual capital and knowledge management, to conceptual frameworks for communities of practice, to the implications of living systems theory for social change, as well as a national dialogue on standards-based public education in the United States.

Myron was a co-founder with Peter Block of The School for Managing and Change. He has served as visiting faculty for the M.S.O.D. programs at Pepperdine University and Fielding Graduate University; the executive development programs of Cornell University and Leeds University Business School; as well as seminars on complex systems change at universities around the globe. He was a co-founder and international fellow of the Center for Innovation for Health Management, Leeds University. Myron has been named a Global Thought Leader by both the Peter Drucker Foundation and the Fetzer Institute. He was a co-founder of The Berkana Institute, past President of the Berrett-Koehler Authors Cooperative, Inc., and President of the Lincoln Schools Foundation. He was also a founder and executive vice president of HealthString LLC, an early innovative provider of dynamic, web-based personal health records and health and wellness programs in the United States.