Our Maxims

Compressed articulations of fundamental systems theory

©Myron Rogers

  • People own what they help create
  • Real change happens in real work
  • Those who do the work do the change
  • Connect the system to more of itself
  • Start anywhere follow it everywhere
  • The process you use to get to the future is the future you get
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The world is not static and today’s answers are out of sync with the emerging tomorrow

What we do

We work with clients who live in messy, complex and ambiguous environments. They face uncertainty more than stability; patterns of action both novel and recurrent; and a pace of change that is an accelerating race. Expert solutions don’t work here. Their world is not static and today’s answers are out of sync with the emerging tomorrow. To succeed they need the capacity to discern in real time what is happening and what it means. They need to rapidly adapt through meaningful growth. They need to work with the inherent characteristics of human systems.

Where do you want and need to be?

Who are we?

Myron E. Rogers is an author, speaker and consultant with a practice in large-scale organization change and leadership development. His consulting practice is grounded in practical application of systems theory to the complex organizations of today

Myron Rogers

Jeni Bremner works across the European Region supporting innovation in health and social care. She works with large and small organisations across the public and private sectors in health management education, health care, research and policy.

Jeni Bremner

John Atkinson is a designer, architect and catalyst for whole system change. He has instigated and led projects around the world in corporate and public settings that help people design approaches that will make fundamental change to their work and lives.

John Atkinson
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We are The Phillips Kay Partnership Ltd